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I am Rishab Nanda, 3D generalist, based in India with more than 6 years of experience in Gaming and advertisement industries, currently working in Technicolor Pvt. Ltd. My professional area of expertise lies in complex modelling, digital sculpting and texturing. Also I have expertise in other domains such as Game engine, look-dev and lighting. 


My portfolio contains various finished and rendered elements from my CG skills . Every artwork in the portfolio is an extensive design process which includes taking inspiration for the project, working on the concept, shaping every refined and finished element, compiling all the elements together to create an artwork and finally rendering to produce final results. The artworks created for the portfolio, not only includes my professional expertise but also exploration of new technology and skills in various softwares used for modelling, sculpting, texturing, lighting and animation. Moreover, I enjoyed the process of making an artwork from inspiration to final results. The journey of my portfolio unlocked me to new ideas and gave me diverse possibilities to explore in the world of computer graphics.